Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of an individual lease?

​With an individual lease, also called a by-the-bedroom lease, you are responsible for your own monthly rent and the regular upkeep of your part of the apartment. Unlike conventional joint leases, you are not responsible for any delinquent amounts owed by your roommates.

What is included in the rental installment?

​Your rental installment includes furniture, maintenance, amenities, and community events!

What is rental installment?

​You will be charged a total rent amount for the lease term divided into 12 equal installments due on the 1st of each month. Rent is not prorated.

Do you have a roommate-matching service?

​Yes, we do. Part of the application packet is a Roommate Matching Form that you will be required to complete. This form will ask you questions about your social habits, study habits, and preferences to help us match you with residents that indicate similar preferences. Please be honest on your Roommate Matching Form.

Can I request specific roommates or apartments?

​Yes, you can list your preferred roommates on the Roommate Matching Form with your application. All roommates must list each other for us to confirm that all requests are mutual. You can list your floor plan preference on your application and we will do our best to place you in a floor plan that meets your requests. All requests are taken in order by the date your lease was signed and is based on availability.

Will I need a guarantor to lease an apartment?

​Unless your income is greater than three times the rental installment, you will need a guarantor. A guarantor must meet the income requirements and credit qualifications. The guarantor is financially responsible and liable for the terms of the lease and rental installments.

How far is 303 Flats from UTK?

​We are less than 1 mile from the heart of campus and directly across the Tennessee River from Neyland Stadium on the KAT bus route.

Is parking available?

​Yes, assigned parking in the parking garage is offered for an additional monthly fee of $175. There are covered and uncovered spots located in the parking garage. Parking is assigned on a first come first serve basis so same floor parking can not be promised. Bike racks are also available in the parking garage as well as our bike storage room for easy access to get to and from the University. 

What about utilities?

​Your electricity, water/sewer, and internet will be set up and ready to go the day you move in. Electric, water, and sewer are a flat rate of $65/month and internet is $15/month.

Are you pet friendly?

​Yes, we allow up to two pets per apartment, so bring your furry friends! We have both a pet wash and grooming station plus an outdoor dog play park.

Do we need Renter's Insurance?

​Our company participates in a 3rd party vendor(RLIP, CBOOST, CSCORE) who provides renters insurance for $15/month.  You may waive this coverage if you already have liability insurance through another provider however, you must submit a copy of your policy for review so we can ensure it meets our property requirements.  Opting out of plan coverage and submission of an alternative policy must be done within our portal
We also offer Personal Contents Coverage (PCON) for $5 per person per month (through.  Though this is not mandatory, if you would like to waive this coverage you must opt out of the plan within our portal

What is MyCreditLift?

​Build your credit by paying your rent on time! MyCreditLift is a service that enables you to build your credit by simply paying your rent on time. This means no loans, no credit cards, and no high-interest rates. Pay your rent on time each month and MyCreditLift will take care of the rest. Please let the office know if you have any questions! 

How can I make a payment?

​We accept checks, cashier’s checks, and money orders in our leasing office, made payable to 303 Flats. All payments received in the leasing office will be electronically processed. For your convenience, we will also offer an online payment option. We are unable to accept cash.

What are the on-site security features?

​Each resident is issued an electronic key fob used to access their front door as well as the parking garage and community amenities. We provide personal keys for bedroom doors; no other roommates will have the key to your bedroom. Smoke detectors and fire sprinklers are located throughout the property as well as inside each apartment. Video cameras will be located throughout the parking garage, elevators, hallways, and amenity areas.

How are maintenance requests handled?

​We have an on-site maintenance team during office hours. Maintenance requests can be entered online on our resident portal 24 hours a day and requests can also be made during business hours over the phone or in person. For after-hours, non-life threatening emergencies (such as no heat, no water, refrigerator not working), the maintenance team is on call 24/7.

Why do I want my Student to live at a Horizon Community?

​Horizon goes above and beyond to exceed expectations in every facet of the student housing experience. With market-leading customer service, we strive to proactively anticipate both the needs of our students and their loved ones.  Horizon serves more than 15,000 students across the country. With 20+ years of professional management experience, Horizon Communities are designed specifically for the student experience.  We have tried to anticipate every need and convenience to make our community your student’s home-away-from home. An environment where their safety and school spirit can thrive.